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What is the relationship between mathematics and computer science?

Mathematics and computer science: these are subjects that some people love, others hate.

Like all exact sciences, these two subjects require a certain mathematical logic and vocabulary that not everyone has.

Yet, when we look at it, we actually understand that mathematics and computer science, in addition to being linked, are not that complicated.

Moreover, it is possible to have a career in this sector, which offers many opportunities, relatively easily.

How to link mathematics and informatique ?

Did you know that mathematics is the foundation of many disciplines and sciences actuelles ? Moreover, mathematics is much more useful than we think.

Many high school students are wondering what good the national education math program and all these memorized formulas will do them. Yet, years later, they understand that in fact, the world around us is nothing without mathematics.

Math: the key to knowledge

And computer science is a subject and discipline that derives directly from mathematics.

Indeed, the first computer scientists were mathematicians who wanted to automate certain calculation processes. Computers and computers were born.

This is for theory.

After the historical minute, let’s move on to more practical topics.

Are you a fan of mathematics and informatique ?

Some will say that you are a geek like Albert Einstein in his day. And maybe they’re right. In any case, you are right to be interested in these subjects since they offer you exciting studies and interesting and remunerative opportunities (see our articles on: careers after math studies).

Studies that combine math and computer science

Thus, there are different specialties where mathematics and computer science are discussed.

But first of all, you will have to integrate a school or university of science. During these first three years, you will acquire the basic notions that will then allow you to specialize in your preferred discipline. What is interesting about these channels is that they will give you the opportunity to think and put your brain to the test.

Mixed studies (math/IT)

But isn’t that exactly what is exciting about sciences ?

Once these three years are over, you have several Master’s choices to choose from. They are grouped into specialities:

  • Master’s degree in développement ;
  • Master in computer network théorique ;
  • Master’s degree in multimédia ;
  • Master’s degree in processing from données ;
  • Master of Management from entreprise ;

After your master’s degree, you will have the choice between going straight into working life and being able to earn a living. Or go back for a few years of study (three to be exact).

Then, with your doctorate in hand, you can become a researcher in a research laboratory and/or teach at the university. Moreover, there are many teachers/researchers.

Professions in which mathematics and computer science are discussed

Studying is good, but the ultimate goal is to be able to get the job of your dreams and combine mathematics and computer science for your greatest pleasure. This is a good thing: IT is now present in all societies, from the smallest to the largest. It is not for nothing that the famous bug of the year 2000 made a lot of noise at the time.

As we turned the millennium around, we thought our computers couldn’t handle it. So we feared a general failure that could lead to chaos. Fortunately, we have not reached that point.

But this proves the importance of IT in today’s society.

Maths and computer science are present everywhere

If you don’t know which branch to turn to, we introduce you to the different families of trades related to mathematics and computer science courses.

First of all, if you are interested in passing on your knowledge, you can become a math teacher. You can choose between different institutions and levels of study. Primary, secondary, higher education: the National Education Department is constantly looking for new mathematics and computer science teachers.

To be a mathematics teacher, you will have to go up to 5 years of higher education. If you want to be a lecturer and teach at university, you will need a doctorate (bac+8).

Often affiliated with the teaching profession, there is also the status of researcher in mathematics and computer science. Whether you want to do public or corporate research, the best thing for this position is to get your PhD. You will know everything about the history of mathematics!

If it is the creation and maintenance of IT applications that you like, then go into the IT and telecom professions. From the creation of video games to the development of web applications, including the management and security of information flows in all their forms: these are some of the projects you will be responsible for.

To do this, engineering schools remain the royal way. And especially computer engineering schools.

Perhaps it is finance and business management that you intéressent ?

Indeed, to optimize a company’s decision-making, it is necessary to call upon experts in mathematics and computer science. Calculating risks, forecasting future trends in the economy, maximizing a company’s profit: these missions require a number of calculations that only a specialist in mathematics and IT can perform.

Maths and computer science: a winning duo

You also have the opportunity to join a major name in the industry, specialized in high technology. We are obviously thinking of the automotive sector, but also companies linked to aeronautics, aerospace and energy.

In addition to being at the forefront of research and development, you will be responsible for developing simulations on a wide range of complex issues.

In addition, these companies also need to solve logistical problems. This is the work of a graduate in mathematics and computer science.

Finally, with the emergence of Big Data, data is becoming an essential commodity for many organizations and companies. From building a database to operating it: if you like statistics and decision-making information, the jobs in this sector are right for you.

The profession of Data Scientist

The marketing department of a company that will need precise information and forecast data, polling firms, insurance companies: these are some of the organizations that will be competing for your skills.

So many notions to learn in 3rd grade math class?

Mathematics and computer science in application

To finish our article, we will introduce you to some trades that will show you how your math and computer science course can be linked.

The database administrator

As its name suggests, the database administrator is responsible for a database. It simply consists in creating this database using the right tools.

In direct contact with developers, his or her daily tasks consist of facilitating access to this database, updating the database and, above all, ensuring that the database for which he or she is responsible is never compromised in terms of security.

The accountant

In addition to keeping the accounts of a company, the chartered accountant is also a true advisor to the company. Thus, whether in a firm or on a freelance basis, he will have to ensure the reliability of the financial information transmitted by the company and certify the accounts of the companies in his care.

Accounting requires these two skills

In addition, as an expert in business management, he advises the manager on the company’s tax optimization and on a long-term profitable strategy.


It is not in math Second class that you will discuss all this, but much later!

The astrophysicist is passionate about physics. Its objective: to study the stars, planets and galaxies that make up our universe.

By specializing in one or more disciplines, this researcher observes, theorizes and creates high-performance measuring instruments.

On a daily basis, he solves complex equations and performs computer simulations.


The statistician is a specialist in numerical data. After collecting a certain amount of information through surveys or polls, it will have to process all this data in order to highlight interesting trends and figures.

An expert in the creation and analysis of graphs and curves, he is involved in the implementation of the data capture methodology, analysis and presentation of results.

Calculation engineer

The calculation engineer is an expert in study, optimization, simulation and anticipation. By generally working in the automotive, aeronautical, energy or metallurgical industries, he accurately evaluates the resistance of materials to all kinds of forces applied to them. This is in order to offer us totally secure products.

Now that you know everything about the links between mathematics and computer science, all you have to do is find out about the profession that will allow you to flourish.

As you have noted, there are many specialties in this sector, each offering a large number of opportunities.

Whatever your current level of study, if you like numbers, equations, management, final math classes or discovering new things, jobs related to mathematics and computer science are right for you.

Just as with computers, art and mathematics are closely linked.

Applied Mathematics

What is applied mathematics?

It’s mathematics in the service of the engineer!

It involves designing and implementing mathematical models and algorithms to simulate engineering systems, control their behaviour, predict their evolution and optimize their performance.

The main areas of application are:

  • the optimal management of communication, distribution and transport networks,
  • production planning in the workshops of the manufacturing industry,
  • real-time control of industrial production processes,
  • the automatic control of complex electromechanical systems,
  • the medium-term forecasting of economic or environmental variables,
  • numerical simulation of systems (biomedical engineering, fluid mechanics, climatology, etc.)

The organization of studies

Applied mathematics is present at the UCL through a Minor and a Major inserted in the Bachelor of Civil Engineering programme as well as through the Master of Civil Engineering in Applied Mathematics.

This training is interdisciplinary, with mathematical modelling being implemented in all disciplines of engineering sciences. These multiple fields of application are highlighted by the many options available as well as by the end-of-study work.

By delegation of the Ecole Polytechnique de Louvain, the management of the applied mathematics programme is ensured by the MAP Programme Commission.

Trades and opportunities

What do civil engineers do in applied mathematics?

Engineers in applied mathematics benefit from a versatile and diversified training sought by technologically advanced or highly automated companies. Their expertise covers a wide range of fields. The problems studied are found in most engineering sciences and technologies as well as in other sectors of life in society such as economics, the environment or health.

Applied mathematics engineers find opportunities in large production and service companies, IT companies, the banking sector and public services (transport, environment, health, etc.). Their activity generally begins in research and development departments, economic planning offices and industrial management services.

A few companies, grouped by sector, that have recently hired our graduates

Consultancy: Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, CSC, Deloitte Consulting, N-SIDE, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Sopra Banking Software (formerly Callataÿ & Wouters)

Energy: Electrabel, ENGIE (ex-GDF-Suez), Tractebel Engineering

Finance & Insurance: AG Insurance, Aon Global Risk Consulting, BNP Paribas Fortis, Dexia, Edmond de Rothschild, ING, Mercer, Reacfin, Secura-re

Aeronautics and space industry: CENAERO

Production industry: DuPont de Nemours, Procter & Gamble, Solvay S.A.

Pharmaceutical industry: Baxter, Merck

IT: Altran, Amadeus, Arhs, Axen, Free Field Technologies, Google, Mainsys, OM Partners, OpenERP, PSI Metals, SIM Corp.

Telecommunications: Alcatel-Lucent, ASTRID, Belgacom Mobile, SWIFT

Transportation: Stratec