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Eco Process Engineering System for composition of services to optimize product life cycle

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The methodology will provide an innovative approach on how to combine advanced technologies to enhance eco constraints use considerations in manufacturing industry for product / process life cycle management (LCM). The methodology will address both technological and organisational aspects related to collaborative work and sharing of knowledge on eco constraints, PSS and new Services for LCM between agents in the value chain of the virtual factory i.e. designers, equipment manufacturers, users and RTD experts. It will serve as guidelines for companies which intend to apply the new approach to improve their product / process LCM with eco constraints aspects using EPES components.

However, it will also be applicable as guidelines for companies which do not want to apply the EPES components, but intend to improve their product / process LCM. The methodology will address both equipment vendors (engineering companies) and users. The methodology will include guidelines on different issues, such as:

  • How to address Eco-innovation in product / process LCM based on trade-off in selection of service solutions (including design and disposal) and different technologies to be applied in order to satisfy both product / process eco constraints and optimal ecological impact over the whole process life cycle
  • Organisational issues: how to organise collaboration among actors in the Value Chain (equipment/installation manufacturers/engineering companies and users) in order to assure optimal product / process LCM regarding eco constraints and optimal environmental impact, addressing also new business models (new services) allowed by such collaborative design approach
  • How to set up the EPES Virtual Factory repository (VFKB) for a specific industrial environment (e.g. initial gathering of models and knowledge, structuring knowledge)
  • How to customise the EPES components to specific company's need
  • How to integrate the EPES with the other legacy systems (if integrated in the existing design system/tools)
  • How to design new service solutions within the LC and new extended monitoring and decision support services in these processes
  • User manuals for the EPES components
  • Maintenance of the VFKB repository and SW services, etc


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 285093