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Eco Process Engineering System for composition of services to optimize product life cycle

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BC1 Tamoin

TAMOIN is a company that integrates all the experience and capabilities in both the wind energy industry and the development of highly efficient energy solutions. The Wind Farm division of TAMOIN is specialized in rendering services for the installation and maintenance of wind farms. TER participation in this EPES project is focused in developing high added value engineering maintenance services through the collaboration with RTDs and the other industrial BCs. The main objective is expected to be achieved by improving the data capture and knowledge management through the EPES eco process engineering system, which will extend the functionalities of TER current maintenance software with new designed life-cycle services. These services will help the company to overcome present software limitations and will be configured and composed to optimize the company Wind Farm Maintenance Engineering services offering to the customers a wider range of high added value services covering areas such as technical support, spare parts management, operation efficiency improvement, quality, environment and health & safety. The final EPES solution is also expected to allow TER to achieve an important leap forward increasing the ratio of wind farms served, improving the maintenance efficiency (reducing maintenance average times), improving procedures based on the analysis of previous maintenance records (via feedback to maintenance engineering staff) and forecasting the maintenance procedures needed to efficiently maintain the wind turbines that incorporate new technologies (new generation of wind turbines), which would reduce the maintenance time. This solution is also expected to allow TER to expand to other countries and enter into new markets and cover other aspects of the life-cycle management such as disposal and design improvement, achieving efficient and sustainable life-cycle management of the wind turbine through a continuous improvement process.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 285093