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Eco Process Engineering System for composition of services to optimize product life cycle

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BC2 NKT cables

BC 2 NKT cables: NKT cables designs, produces and installs high and extra-high voltage cables and systems for power transmission directly from power plant sites to primary distribution networks. NKTs main focus is to deliver highly customised turn-key solutions that meet specific needs of their customers. Within EPES, NKT is targeting at new product and customer support services for high voltage cables, to provide cable monitoring services that helps to redefine grid load and safety limits, enabling a significantly improved utilization of grid capacity. Especially the consistently increasing share of renewable energy in the European energy grid (e.g. by offshore wind parks, etc.), together with the decentralized and discontinuous production of renewable energy, will have a high impact at the grids, asking for a significant higher grid capacity (e.g. with respect to energy distribution and transport of electricity to energy storages, etc). Additionally, new mobility concepts fostering the commercial launch and usage of Full Electrical Vehicles (FEV) will have consequences on local distribution and availability of electricity (e.g. due to simultaneous charging of FEVs at peak load time, etc). Due to this, electric utilities urgently need technologies and support tools facilitating an optimal usage of existing grid capacities by an improved load and security management. Envisaged EPES engineering tools will enable NKT to offer services, facilitating that available resources can be used more profitably and the operating life and safety of the grids can be enhanced. However, currently monitoring and/or analysis of load and security management of relevant cable parameters are not appropriate to meet new grid requirements. Especially services in regard to operational security, e.g. through immediate display of cable faults, are insufficiently implemented. Targeted are supporting services easy adaptable to customer specific needs, facilitating analysis / optimization and maintenance of cable systems, with respect to an optimal and secure use of full cable capacity (up to 40% additional capacity). By this, the new customer support services will increase available grid capacities, also reduce resources required for grid expansion (i.e. investments, raw material, demand for land, etc), to achieve a European electricity grid ready for increasing share of renewable energy. The most challenging problems in this context, represents the required flexibility/adaptability of services to diversity of customer needs, as well as provision of online context information from the cable (e.g. conductor temperature / hotspot for detection of cable faults, etc) and ambient condition (e.g. thermal characteristics of environment), required to analyse the maximum cable load. Moreover, knowledge on cable (e.g. dimension and construction, temperature profiles) and grid specific constraints (intelligent deduction of load predictions, etc) are basic parameters. The creation and operation of such new business models requires an intensive information exchange and cooperation between different and geographically distributed partners from NKT and on customer’s side (utility). Summarising, the main objective of NKT is to provide new business models to offer their customers maintenance services (e.g. in respect to detailed analysis detection of faults, etc), as well as configurable cable monitoring services, easy adaptable to customer specific requirements, enabling an optimal usage of available capacity and secure operation of high and extra-high voltage cables.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 285093